A Peek Inside the Barn.

Many followers have asked for photos of the inside of the barn. I guess I never even thought about it. Not sure why. I was planning to move along to the interior of the farmhouse. I bet y'all feel jipped. Well no more! I happen to have a few pics and would love to share.

This is a view from the upstairs loft. There are the wagon wheels I had restored into our light fixtures. I haven't really figured out how we are going to change those bulbs. That may involve a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible project.

I love collecting antique signs. You can see a few on the walls below on the first floor. My favorite is one my friend found for me in Roundtop, TX. It is on the right and it's an old carnival concession stand sign. Wow, the prices back then were great! Nothing was over $1.

My husband loves to play shuffleboard. It was always a dream to have an old shuffleboard from a bar in Nebraska. Well those were hefty goals. For his birthday last year I was able to find one. It is a Rock-Ola, which were only manufactured between 1948-1950. I found it locally in KC on Craigslist. It is scratched and chipped, in other words, it's perfect! We don't do a lot brand new here. One, we have 4 kids. Two, we have 4 kids. Lastly, we have 3 dogs. Did I mention the 4 kids?

Another fun find are the high top tables which were old Jack Daniels whiskey barrels. I also found those fun tractor seat stools. They are not new, but fit the barn perfectly.

The same guy that made our amazing light fixtures from the wagon wheels made this rolling bar cart from old pallets and a rolling factory cart. It gets a lot of use and because it's "old", I don't mind the chips and dents.

I love this wine rack. My "help me restore stuff" friend used an old pallet and modified it to hang above the bar. Although, with 3 teenagers we have to stock it with empty bottles, it is still super unique. We have to have the real stuff locked up. Now I just have to find that key. I put it in a "safe spot"? Who else has done this? Ugh!

This view has a lot going on. Let's see, to the left is an old baseball scoreboard from a high school in Texas. Found that baby at market in Dallas and some sweet guys drove it up here on their way to Minnesota with other deliveries.

I love baseball, always have. It was a thing I had with my Dad. I went along to all his games when he coached my older brother. I was the score keeper in the dugout. We didn't have fancy apps back then like we do now at my sons' games. I love these new apps because if I am missing one of their games to be at another, I can watch live on the app. Now it can get weird when I shout and cheer for the game on my phone while a player is laying on the field hurt at the game I'm "really" watching live. Has that really happened you ask, you betcha! This is me we're talking about, of course it happened. But there is nothing better than the good ol' fashioned spiral bound scoring notebook.

Off topic, but I have to share a story about my Dad and I. I loved to keep the score book. I still see people using them at Royals games or sometimes at my sons' games. God bless 'em, it makes my heart sing!

So I was probably around 8 and it was Easter Sunday. We went to church, had brunch with family at our house and then my dad had practice. Yes, I know, sports on Sundays are terrible and ESPECIALLY sports on a religious holiday. Now, as a parent, I get it. But I didn't think anything of it back then.

Well off we went to practice. I changed out of my fancy Easter dress and into shorts, a tee and a SPYA baseball cap.

After practice my dad was loading the equipment into the back of the car. It was a hatch back and I thought I'd hop in the back. I put my hand on the edge of the trunk as my dad shut the hatch. Take a moment, yes, it's a little gross. Deep breaths! In and out.

So the tip of my left middle finger was dangling. I'm not sure what went on next but Dad got me to the ER. You know how you have vivid memories during traumatic times? I remember the x-ray tech coming to get me in the waiting room. They had my finger wrapped and soaking in a cup of water. He walked up to me and said, "oh, how nice of you to bring me a cup of iced tea". Not funny at the time and still not funny.

So all ended well. I still have the tip of my finger, a scar and a good story to tell. But the best part, a remarkable memory of time spent with my Dad.

Oh wow did I get off topic. Now how would that ever happen? I RARELY lose my train of thought. I can hear you laughing Mom, and Caroline and Julia.

Moving on, we hung flags of our favorite teams. Actually one of our friends did it when we had the equipment rented to raise the electrician to hang those light fixtures. To say he was nervous doesn't come close. He still twitches when he looks up at them. But we are so grateful he volunteered. Actually, why did he volunteer?

The door with the vintage stop sign leads up to the loft. This is where we lived those 6 blissful weeks while construction finished up at the house.

Lots of blood, sweat and tears were spent up here. I am referring to the finish work, not about living there. Let's start with the floors. New hardwoods were, well, new. They were also expensive and I knew they'd get beat up and it would drive us crazy. I went to my best source, Craigslist. I found this wood from a man in Tulsa who bought it in North Carolina. It was from an old cotton mill. We measured how much we needed and he drove it up. The install team wasn't as excited as we were about it. It wasn't your typical install. But it got done and we love the finished product because it is rustic and durable. The ceiling is covered with old tin sheets I also found on Craigslist. I went and met a fairly sketchy man all by my lonesome and picked out the ones I wanted. Some are rusted which makes the look even cooler.

The light fixtures over the pool table are old warehouse HVAC fans. And of course the pool table is restored. We had it recovered with Illini blue. Behind the pool table is my Dad's leather sofa. It still smells like him. I love that it is in the loft, or the "frat house" as my boys call it. It is right in the middle of all the action. He would have loved it up here.

On to the kitchen. It was just enough to get us through the 6 weeks. There is a refrigerator and sink, but no dishwasher or stove/oven. This is where my pioneer woman days came to life. No, I did not cook over a camp fire, but I did use a hot plate. You can make a lot on a hot plate. Scrambled eggs, pasta, grilled cheese, and tacos were some of the favorites. There was no dishwasher so I bought myself some gloves, my mom insists on gloves when doing dishes, and did them all by hand. As you can imagine we used a lot of paper products during this time ;). The counters are concrete, love them! If you ever get a chance to use them, give it a try. The process is so neat to watch and you can also dye the concrete a different color.

Last but not least, the stalls. When this all started we intended to have my daughter's horse here. We designed the barn with 4 stalls and a tack room. I mentioned in a previous post how we came to our senses. We soon realized with our lifestyle, the demands on time to care for a horse were going to be close to impossible. We have used the stalls though. We store all of our Christmas decor in one stall. This is just the decor for the barn. I went a little nuts at Christmas time so the extra room is perfect. "Yes honey, I did need the vintage red sleigh". We use the tack room as sort of a caterers kitchen. It is where I store all my party supplies. We also prep food in here and store drinks in the refrigerator. Again, it's locked from the teenagers. Some of those drinks are not "kid-friendly".

So there you have it friends. Hope this gives you a better idea of our vision when we decided to remove the old barn and build our own design. We love using it to host events. We have had graduation parties, surprise 50th birthday parties, team year end celebrations. Also we've hosted lots and lots of football booster club events.

My next post I actually do plan to get to the inside of the house. Until then, enjoy your week, stay cool and remember to SHARE this post and follow me on Facebook & Instagram. I LOVE hearing from so many of you with your own renovation stories.

And actually...

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo

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