Are We There Yet?

The road trip continues and we are chugging along to Seaside, Florida. For the first time on a family vacation we are driving, so of course I have to manage the chaos along the way. My last post was Day 1 and we made it 1/2 way, to Memphis. Now we are taking off from Memphis and spending Day 2 driving to Florida.

We left Memphis and decided to take a different route than Siri suggested so we could swing by and see Ole Miss. We walked around the campus and hit the book store so the kids could grab a bunch a gear from a team they don't follow or know anything about. But college gear is always cool. The kids were thrilled to walk around and see the football field, the Student Union and The Grove. Notice how I inserted sarcasm here. We wanted to give them the "higher education experience" so they could set their aspirations high. Most of the boys were just checking out the cute Southern girls and the girls wanted to get to the beach.

We made it the 2 hours and 45 min to Birmingham and guess what, the kids were hungry. The boys were able to find a Bojangles' for their Bo-Berry biscuits. This trip was all about healthy choices and burning calories with high levels of aerobic exercise. Sitting in the car watching screens accomplished this in no time.

It was a Christmas miracle that we made it the 4 1/2 hours left to Seaside with no other stops. This is where the trip hit the high point for me. There were pockets of time with no cell signal. It was touch and go. There were some hives, twitching and shortness of breath.

My husband and I had this brilliant idea to talk. We asked the boys what their "favorites" were: movie, book, tv show, fast food and dessert. At first they were a little perplexed. I did also see some eyes rolling.

Lucky me- the WiFi went back on. As I mentioned before, my boys found a way to rig small tvs to the headrests. The problem was it was MY headrest. So for the last hour or so of the trip the boys decided they had to finish Good Fellas. Have you ever seen this movie? They use the F-word a lot...I mean excessive amounts. My husband said to let it go, it's a classic. I finally had enough. I googled how many times they used the word in the movie. Take a guess? 296 times!!! We were driving into this quaint little beach town and all I can hear is foul language and gunshots.

We pulled into our rental about 7pm, a little longer than planned but we made it safely. There were no major fights, no speeding tickets and only 1 bathroom emergency. Overall, we considered it a success took a sigh of relief as we unloaded the car. My SIL and I immediately went in to make a cocktail. The men can unload the cars, right?

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo

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