Are you afraid to put "old stuff" in your home?

I love old things. I am a sucker for estate sales, garage sales, flea markets and antique stores. In fact when I am on the road or traveling for a baseball tournament I often ask Siri where the closest antique store is. Sometimes I don't find anything but sometimes I find something small. I bring home those little things and put them on my shelves, my "treasures". And then there are days that I find something large and I have to recruit my husband to come pick it up in his truck. He always loves that, especially when there are bungee cords involved.

I guess I just love the history of THINGS. I don't especially love "history", but thinking about where these items I find come from and what their story is. I am a sucker for books. I love opening old books I find and reading the sweet inscriptions on the inside page. They always have such beautiful handwriting. I love to see the date, sometimes as early as the 1800s. And they used such beautiful and romantic language. We just don't do that anymore, especially the beautiful handwriting.

I use old books all over my home. Some rooms I stick with one color. For example, my husband's office just has navy blue and orange books to pay tribute to the Illini, our Alma Mater. Other rooms I turn the spines around and show the bare pages. This might be because I just want the texture to serve as a background for my other "treasures" I'm displaying on the shelf or because the neutral background works in the room.

It's just who I am. I don't like to fill my bookshelves, walls and rooms with generic pieces I find at chain stores. Don't get me wrong, I love a visit to Home Goods, but I like the hunt and finding unique pieces to mix in with my new pieces of furniture. So below are some pictures to show you ways to mix the old with the new. Use your furniture and blank walls as a canvas to mix treasured and unique pieces that you find on your hunts. Don't be scared ;).

This clock is from Round Top, Texas. Side note, have you been to Roundtop? BUCKET LIST ITEM!!! I'll do a blog post about that place alone. Back to the story...My best friend brought this back and I knew there was probably a spot for it in my newly renovated farmhouse. Not on the wall, that is too expected. I instead used it propped on my mantle layered with smaller pieces, such as watercolors, pottery and of course old books. I can't give you a link to buy the same clock, but below you can click and look at something similar just to inspire you to do something different on your mantle or bookshelf.

Shop clocks here:

  • There's nothing better than old pieces in the kitchen. Cookbooks and utensils tell quite a story. My kids always whine about me bring me home "dead people stuff". They think it's creepy or weird but I think it's special. Find old cutting boards or rolling pins and display them in your kitchen. I also collect vintage cookbooks. They have some really special inscriptions too. These items are a great way to break up your backsplash and hide your outlets. Remember to look for these sorts of things when you're out treasure hunting but below is a link if you'd rather just click and check out while laying in bed tonight.

Shop cutting boards:

What happened to cute old mailboxes? In our last home we had a community mailbox and I had to walk down the street with a key to get my mail. I love when I'm in an old town and I see a postman walking with his bag slung over his shoulder delivering mail house to house. Maybe I was born in the wrong decade? Anyhoo...this isn't our "real" mailbox. This is my drop off/pick up box next to our front door. You know the spot, "I'll leave it in my front porch box and just leave a check". Again, I've hooked you up with a link.

Post box:

Antique Farmhouse is an incredible site to find UNIQUE pieces for your home. Some of them are "found" and some are reproductions. Link to shop: or Antique Farmhouse on Facebook.

So the moral of this story is to step out of your box a bit. Pick up an old camera, clock, or BOOKS next time you are at a garage sale. Step into a little antique store in a small town where the bell rings on the door when you walk in. Be sure to send me pics of some of your "treasures".

Be kind & love others,



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