Are You Scared of Botox?

It's the "B" word. Some people talk about it freely, hence this post, and others treat it like sharing the consistency of their bowel movements. Yes, we do it, but we'd never talk about it. Do you know the type? Buckle up friends- I am here to talk about it. My Managing the Chaos motto is to be real and transparent. Well, officially it's not, but I could make a tag line under my logo in no time.

Wednesday I had my quarterly appointment with my dear friend Kristen Kneidel, RN, BSN, who is a Aesthetic Nurse Injection Specialist at Monarch Plastic Surgery Center in Leawood, KS. Our daughters went to pre-school together so we catch up and swap #momlife stories.

When I got to the waiting room, a little late of course, I had this brilliant idea to make this visit something to share on my blog. Why not take it step by step so people can see what happens and how easy it is? I absolutely know it's not for everyone. Like for example- I won't eat Whoppers (the candy), I'm appalled by apple cider and would never think of wearing a thong. But if this is something you've been thinking about or maybe even have had a consultation, here is the play-by-play of my 20 minute appointment.

Here I am arriving. I was late because my sweet little dog was attacked by coyotes Sunday and he needed some care. Of course it took longer than I estimated. And, to be honest, I did not estimate for the dry heaving and cold sweats from working on my patient. I digress.

Meet my "go-to girl":

Kristen Kneidel, RN, BSN, Aesthetic Nurse Injection Specialist

Monarch Plastic Surgery Center in Leawood, KS.

A little video about how the whole process starts...

Two important steps before injections are icing the forehead for a few minutes to create a little numbness and a dry erase marker . I have to frown and lift my brow- like I'm super confused- and she make marks where I need it. Well, of course I look super confused. I just cleaned open wounds on my dog and I have no medical training other than years of watching Greys Anatomy. I started Botox younger than most because of my "1,111" issue. Normally, as we age, we develop 2 lines between our brows- which aestheticians call the 11's. No, not me, I had 4 lines and was labeled a 1,111 patient. Face it, I knew I was special from a very young age.

Once I am numb, we chat a bit while she does the injections. In the video you can see I am completely unfazed. I've had 4 c-sections. Come on- this is as easy as grabbing some lunch meat AND wine at Target. I'm all done and there are some tiny pink bumps that will recede after some ice. She tells me I cannot workout for 24 hours. This is heart breaking. But I will recover and after icing a bit and setting my next appointment, I'm out the door.

So consider this your first MTC tutorial. And big news, I now have a YOUTUBE channel where I have been uploading all the videos from my Facebook page. I have learned so much this past 6 months that my brain is really starting to fire on more cylinders. Praise the Lord but I have a lot to learn. This blogging thing is not quite as difficult as operating a mammogram machine, but for me it's pushed me to try new things. Kinda like Botox, isn't that a funny analogy?

Reach out to me, Kristen if you live in KC, or your local injection specialist. I'll go with you, we just won't be eating whoppers and you can be confident I will not be wearing a thong.

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo

Disclaimer: BOTOX® Cosmetic is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe forehead lines, crow’s feet lines, and frown lines between the eyebrows in adults.

This post is the sole opinion of the owner of MTC.