Beach More & Worry Less...

If you haven't been to the 30A area of Florida, I would add this trip to your bucket list. It lived up to all of our expectations. The town's motto is "a simple, beautiful life". Now keep in mind we were there during the peek of spring break. I cannot express the amount of teenagers. They were mostly college kids, from the southern colleges. I will discuss the bikinis at length later in the post. The neat part was everyone rides bikes. There are bikes with bells, some with baskets, some with baby seats and even some with another teenager sitting on the handle bars. Smart!

Because we were there in early March it was chilly. But,there were plenty of girls walking the beach and the main drag of the little town with only their skimpy bikinis on. This was certainly motivation to get the boys out and about.

Moving on to the bikini issue. In general it was a great spot to just sit with a drink and people watch. There were all types of bikinis. In my opinion I would say most were not "dad approved". There were a lot of what I call "booby" styles. My SIL was shocked by all of the "cheeky" suits. She couldn't understand why you'd want a suit "stuck in your crack". Now here's the dilemma, there were a lot of girls that weren't, in my opinion only, wearing the most flattering option. There are just some suits meant for certain body types.

The other issue were the photo shoots. I do not remember being in high school or college and doing full photo shoots on the beach with my friends. These girls were not at all concerned who was watching. There was the standing with arms in air pose, kneeling while the waves rolled in & casually tossing their hair and, of course, laying on their backs with the cord from their iPhone headphones casually strung between their boobies. My boys decided to take a page from their book and do their own photo shoot. Needless to say, most were not appropriate to include on my blog. More specifically, I did not have photo rights from the photographer & his subjects.

I feel like I should move on from the bikinis. But wow, some of them really made me tilt my head in disbelief. The town really is charming. We also visited the other quaint little towns further down 30A. Rosemary Beach is at the other end and the newest of the beach towns. Their little downtown square is just precious.

As promised I had to take the classic ice cream photo. Notice how our little cups are empty though. I had my favorite flavors: coffee and coconut.

We did make a little trip over to Shell Island and it was chilly. We actually didn't find very many shells but the boys had a blast with the seagulls. Of course it turned into a game where the boys had to tease the birds with pieces of their sandwiches. Those birds sure will get close and are not shy. My son decided it would be a good idea to lay down and see if the birds would be so bold to fly down and grab a piece of bread off his stomach. Oh they sure did and when my son rolled over to get away he managed to capture a bird under his beach towel. It's worth popping over to my Facebook page to check out the video. >> @managingthechaos2

I do need to mention I wore my Birks the entire trip. They are the Gizeh model and I have them in rose gold. They were perfect for the beach, bike riding and strolling the town. I did not wear another pair of shoes all week. Click on the photo below to find a pair on Amazon (affiliate link). Many sizes and colors are on sale. I plan to get a new color for the summer. I am eyeing the silver and the grey.

A little slideshow of some of my favorite photos...

We are now heading home. We made a stop in Nashville and showed the kids Music Row. We had a hard time finding a hotel to stay overnight and took what we could get. This particular hotel had a distinct smell of sewage once we got on the elevator and all the rooms were contaminated too. My husband, who travels quite a bit for work, thankfully pulled the plug and planned our escape. When we told the clerk at the front desk why we were leaving he said, "yea, we've been trying to get that smell under control". We did get a full refund and after a bit of disinfecting with my handy tub of Clorox wipes, we were off to a much better option. Of course my kids had to get a video of me dry heaving in the parking lot. They said it was payback for all my "blogging".

I must go, we have a bathroom emergency in the back row. My son has to go #1 and my husband refuses to stop. Picture this- a large styrofoam cup and several howling boys. Also, picture me rolling my eyes and handing him wet wipes. Managing the Chaos is the perfect name for my blog ,wouldn't you say?

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo

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