Building a barn too? Farmhouse Renovation: Part 2

Hi friends! Thanks for joining me again. Here we go, part 2 of Managing the Chaos' remodel. It has been so crazy to see all the photos of our renovation because I hadn't seen them in so long. These barn photos have been even more fun to see because it was more of my husband's project while I was "supervising" the house.

Before we began to construction of a new barn, we had to arrange to have to current barn removed. I think my hubby just wanted to take a bulldozer to it. My 2 sons were more than willing to help with that. In talking with the framing crew working on the house, my husband worked out a plan for them to disassemble the barn. The intriguing part was they planned to carefully disassemble it so they could transport it to a small town 2 hours south to rebuild for their church. That sounds crazy, right? Well it really was. Who has that much patience. I bet you can guess, this is a "before" photo...

The framing crew worked very slowly and methodically to remove it piece by piece in order to transport it in sections. I salvaged some of the wood from the old horse stalls to use on our mudroom wall where the kids' hooks now hang for coats and backpacks. Of course my better half and our builder looked at me like I was maybe beginning the early stages of dementia. Well, I probably am, and I'm ok with that. But.. I really wanted that wood. And so, I saved that wood.

Of course it took longer than expected to complete the barn too. Everything took longer. When you are living in a town home with 4 kids and 2 dogs, days seem like months. Somedays I swear time was standing still. Keep in mind I was plenty busy with the renovation of our home. Well, that's not really true because look at the red arrow below. The house had not even started (insert cranky face here). Seriously??!

Oh- a man and his barn. A man and his dream. Almost every night we would drive from the town house to the property to see the progress. Some days we really had to look carefully to see what was done. Like, really carefully. Like was anything at all done?? When I see these pics and those huge beams my husband is staring at, it gives me a better appreciation when I am in the barn now.

Oh look, my older son came along this time to visit at the end of the day. He made his way up to the second floor for a better view. Pretty sure that was not a great idea, but at the time we had to find some way to entertain the kids when we visited.

I almost forgot to tell y'all, what was I thinking? Ok, the super cool part was the barn came on 2 semi trucks in all these different crates. They laid them out all over the yard. It was like a puzzle trying to put it together. Everything was labeled and they'd go on a little scavenger hunt to find what they needed. Totally amaze balls!

It was moving along and finally started to look like a barn. My husband really did do a GREAT job!

Finally, the fun stuff was happening. We could tell the barn was going to be done MUCH sooner than the house. I started working on the finishing touches for the upstairs loft. Yep, this is where we lived for 6 weeks. In the pic below the black arrow points to the old iron wagon wheels we found buried out in the overgrown property. I found 5 and had them made into light fixtures. We have 2 in the loft and 3 on the main floor of the barn. I also researched reclaimed wood floors. I found a guy on craigslist that posted hickory wood planks from an old cotton factory in North Carolina. Sold. Done. Get'em here!

This little pic makes me smile. This was the view from the kitchen in the barn loft looking over to the house. I would wake up every morning and make coffee and look at the house. I guess looking back that was a special time. Maybe it was one of those memories where when it's happening you want to run your car into someone, but then you can fondly smile down the road. Did that sound a little harsh?

And the final product...

One of my favorite views.

Our first event in the barn was a blast to daughter and her best friend's high school graduation party. We had been moved into the house a week. A week! We actually moved into the house ON her graduation day. Yep, that's how we roll. And then the party was 1 week later. I think I was running on adrenaline, or wine, or was it mojitos? was a beautiful day and a great celebration of a huge milestone in our family.

Whoops, also forgot to mention we thought we'd have horses in the barn. Maybe there is a bit of truth to the early dementia thing. We can blog about that another day. We did actually design 4 stalls. But then we came to our senses. Who would take care of horses 3 times a day? It would smell and there would be flies. How could we entertain with stinky horses? Don't get me wrong, I love horses. Just speaking the truth friends.

So there you have it, the barn became "the party barn". We host LOTS of events. Our kids host lots of events. The upstairs loft my sons now call the "frat house". I am fairly certain that is not what we intended when we designed it. But they love it, and we have video cameras installed to get a real good look at what's going on. Hey, we have teenagers but we're not stupid.

Again, thanks for being with me on this crazy ride. I appreciate you taking the time to follow along. I would love for you to share my blog site, my Facebook and Instagram with your friends so they can join us! Just click on the links. Next time we get together we are moving inside the house. I'll show you around the first floor as Part 3 of the renovation continues.

That's it friends. Time for bed. My eyes are drooping. Let's pick up where we left off in a few days.

Be kind & love one another,

Christine xoxo

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