Decades of Difference

Well hello, we meet again. I thought I'd follow the same tour of the house I did with the "before" pictures-but break it into 2 posts. I read blogs too and I know at some point I just check out. Maybe the dogs need to go out, the dryer chime goes off (who am I kidding- I ignore it for days), or a child needs a ride somewhere. So today we will do half of the first floor. Y'all ready?

Let's get started with the entry. The most dramatic change was vaulting the entry to provide a view into the great room and open up the closed-in feel of the original layout. We added wood floors throughout the entire first level. We stained the treads of the stairs and added a timeless iron railing.

In the great room, the dimensions stayed the same. We raised the vaulted ceiling and added new beams and planking. The light fixture is another wagon wheel that was left in the old barn transformed into our chandelier. Yes, there's that old brick fireplace but with new stone. The mantle is a reclaimed barn post from an old barn in Missouri.

More detail of the fireplace...

...and the ceiling and light fixture.

I found these antique corbels in Roundtop, TX. They were more than I wanted to spend but then I looked at the tag and saw they were from Lancaster, PA. I was born and raised in Allentown, PA. You know the song..."we're living here in Allentown and they're closing all the factories down". I still have no idea why Billy Joel sang a song about Allentown, but he sure didn't do it any favors as far as it's image.

This brings us to the kitchen. This is where I spend most of my day. I do love my view from the kitchen sink, it's the dishwasher I could do without. Raise your hand if you hate emptying the dishwasher. I'm raising both of my hands.

Above the cooktop is another Roundtop find. This piece is from an old library in NYC. The company salvages tin from old buildings before they are torn down. I love that people think to do this.

This bar area is home to my TV, which was a "must-have". I begin each day with The Today Show, I love myself some Al Roker. We also have a wine frig (duh) and a beverage center. All of these items were, in fact, "must haves".

Here's a view of the eating area. It looks pretty darn similar to the "before" picture. We added the ceiling planks and the new door to the rear patio. I found this wine barrel chandelier that's perfect for garland and little twinkle lights at Christmas.

This view is from the mudroom looking out to the backyard. A small piece of advice. If you build or remodel, don't let your builder talk you out of something you really want. For me, this was a trash compactor & an ice maker. But...see in the photo the arrow? That's my ice maker and just around the corner on the back of the island is my trash compactor. We added them months after completion... NOBODY puts Baby in the corner.

This is one view of the butler's pantry. I went a little bold with the built-in hutch. This is home to all my china and crystal. We use it every night. I like to set a formal table and we dress in our finest for dinner.

I found this wallpaper I loved and decided to use Sherwin Williams Tempe Star to coordinate as the color of the cabinetry . I saved and re-used the hardware from the original kitchen. I used it on the drawers of my master closet island as well.

Here's the other view of the pantry. We left the original window of the dining room. I chose to do something unique with the hutch because you can see it from outside this window. Ok, not many people come and stand on the porch and look in this window. But, my beloved porch swing is outside this window, and I happen to look at that hutch quite a bit.

3 quick views of the mudroom and then we are all done for today. I found this cast iron sink on eBay. I probably could have found something locally, but I fell in love with this one and it was shipped from the East Coast. That large chalkboard I found at a flea market from an elementary school...super heavy! I had the builder use some wood from an old, red barn to trim it out. I was super excited when I found the highway sign with the 6 and the sunflower. There are 6 in our family and the sunflower is the state flower of Kansas. You probably already knew those little bits of trivia though.

I use the barn wood trim of the chalkboard to hang photos, invites & love letters from my husband & kids.

The last pic for today is of the "locker room". The left side has 4 lockers & drawers. My kids cannot seem to keep them clean and organized so they're not in this photo. Does this happen in your home? The right side is that barn wood I mentioned in the barn post that we salvaged for this wall. I hung a water color from each of the 4 states my husband and I have lived in: Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska and Pennsylvania. And there's a tiny peek of my favorite brick herringbone floors. Love them!

That's it for today friends. It's been fun to hear from some of you that are thinking about a large remodel, a new build or just renovating a room. That's what blogs are for, to share ideas, tell stories and maybe get a little inspiration along the way. Thanks for sticking with me on this tour. As always, share this post so your friends can join us too.

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo