It's time to start banging our heads against the wall to think of what to buy for all the men in our lives. Buying for other gals is generally about what we would buy for ourselves. You know the saying, "one for me and one for you." I have been known to buy & wrap things, put them under the tree with a tag that says to & from Mom. Who else does this? Come on, this blog is all about transparency.

So I have gathered up some ideas for the men. Clink the underlined item in the description to take you to the product. (MTC is a member of the Amazon Associate Program and receives a small commission for items purchased through provided links) Ok- here we go...

1. First is this Bose (copyright) outdoor wireless speaker. It has a strap and can attach to a belt, backpack, or suitcase to bring along with you.($99) Great size, sound & price.

2. A toilet light, how fun is this? It sits under the seat and will even change colors. Great for kids too because we can only hope for less mess from their poor aim. ($8)

3. This is a wood carved state outline to collect beer bottle tops. It's a unique gift and perfect to hang in a man cave. ($36)

4. A putting green for the kitchen, bedroom, or even the master bath. You know how golfers like to practice over the winter, this is a great gadget for that ($38).

5. Look- here's a custom team case for your airpods. Pick his favorite team and there is even a clip to attach to something with hopes of not losing them. ($25)

6. I think this next one is also unique and very interesting. It's a health and ancestry genetic testing kit using a saliva sample. Results are sent in around 8 weeks, could be helpful and enlightening. ($99)

7. I know my husband would love this fishing storage/seating bucket. This bucket has a padded seat, fishing rod holder, drink holder, and waterproof LED light for night fishing. This is no doubt a winner.


8. Do you have men in your life who are ALWAYS asking for finger nail clippers? Check this out- a keychain, bottle opener and nail clipper. Stick it in a stocking or wrap in a big box and make him hunt for it. ($7)

9. How many youth games do y'all sit & watch. Most likely you would say a lot. This is super comfortable outdoor portable rocking chair, You don't have to be a grandparent to use it ;) ($75).

10. My husband & his friends love a great Manhattan. Not any plain ol' Manhattan, but with smoke infused whiskey and bourbon. This gadget uses wood chips to create the "smoke". I don't get it but my husband just bought one for himself last week.


11. The Wallet Ninja (copyright) 18-in-1 credit card can be stored in a wallet and has so many handy tools: ruler, bottle opener, screw driver, cell phone stand, box cutter, and many more. Very clever!


12. Who doesn't need an insulated bottle cooler with a bottle opener? I bet you can think of plenty of men in your life who would find this quite handy, right? ($30)

13. We go through so many stainless steel tumblers at our house. These are available in hundreds of teams, but I used LSU as my example, of course. ;) ($24-$34)

14. There is such thing as a good tailgate and a GREAT tailgate. A team canopy for sun or rain can make all the difference. Of course it has a carrying case to make life easier for your man. ($200)

15. Another item my hubby has that he raves about is his muck boots. These are the originals and a little pricey, but when it comes to dry feet, they are worth it. ($129-$274 varies with size)

16. This next one is funny, a tee that looks like your man is dressed to the nines for his next sporting event. Again, I used LSU, but they are available in numerous sports and lots of teams. ($25)

17. More team gear next, a 3/4 zip heathered pullover. There are lots of teams to choose from and it's thin enough for layering. ($65)

18. Do you have a hunter in your life? Have you heard of trail cameras? They are attached to trees with a velcro band and detect the motion of all the critters strolling by, audio and visual. An app can be used on your phone to keep an eye on the recordings using WiFi. Trust me- these are a winner. ($99)

19. This wallet with a custom message is perfect for grandpas, dads, husbands and even a boyfriend, if your relationship has reached that level. Be sure to leave enough time for delivery and they are only ($20).

20. I really like flavor infused vodka, but only when we make it homemade. We have done pineapple, cucumber and most recently jalapeno. This little gadget will help you give it a try too, maybe pine flavored for the holidays? ($70)

21. These undies are the bomb apparently. They don't pinch, bunch or ride up, all very important qualities I assume. Pricey, but I bet their bottoms would be grateful. (3-pack $96)

22. This leather phone card case is handy for everyone. It doesn't have to be for everything in his wallet but perfect for when all he needs is ID and a credit card. ($13.95)

23. Ok- this could be offensive or really appreciated. A nose and ear hair trimmer

is a necessary tool, it is what it is. Why not throw one in his stocking? ($20)

24. This next one is super handy for his nightstand and stops the battle of stealing one anothers' chargers, so aggravating! This charging

dock is useful and sleek looking. ($28)

25. I love this next one, and whoever thought of it, genius! It's a pet treat dispenser, camera, uses Alexa, has motion detection & night vision. You can literally keep in touch with your pet when you are away from home, and give the little guy treats. Love it! ($249)

26. I posted 2 options for shoes. The Cole Haan loafers (copyright) have a cushioned & energy foam sole. ($80-$168 caries by size). The leather boots are a great option for jeans or khakis, for work or date nights. ($70 - $197 varies by size). The slippers are a no-brainer. Everyone needs slippers, and multiple pairs. I have house slippers and a pair I wear for out and about. Y'all wear slippers out in public, right? ($22).

27. A log carrier is a must, if you have a wood burning fireplace. I love seeing my hubby head out to fill it up and then come in and stack the wood next to the fireplace. I cannot wait for our first fire of the season.


28. Here are 2 travel options for him, a duffle roller ($86) and a soft-sided spinner carry-on. ($53). Other than Southwest Airlines (copyright), all airlines charge for checked bags. They also charge for your seat, headphones, trips to the bathroom and water. We really have no choice but to bring a carry-on, so make it efficient and sharp looking.

29. Joggers are all the rage. There are lots of different options out there but they should be all about comfort. This is an Amazon Basic (copyright) pair and come in several colors. He will appreciate them on a Sunday afternoon while watching football. ($7-$30 varies size & color). They come in big & tall which is important here in my home with all 3 of my boys over 6'3".

30. We ALL need blue light blocking glasses. I have several pairs and they are also readers. I am here to say they really do help, 100%, without question. Now I do realize most men will act macho and claim they are "stupid", but if you can get him to give them a try, do it!

So there you have it. I hope you find this list helpful. I would love it if you shared it, made comments or other suggestions, and use my links to shop. Influencers spend a lot of time researching & creating content for our followers and most consider it a part-time job. Some are so successful that they are able to. leave their full time job and make this their profession. At this point I am just trying to give my husband an opportunity to retire while I bring home the bacon. ;) Happy shopping friends!

Be kind & love one another,