How I've Managed the Chaos

I took the last 2 months to look reflect and review my vision for MTC. When I first thought about starting a blog I never thought anyone would read it. Over the past year I've done more research on blogs and you know what---there is a blog for everything! I did enjoy a blog for Monday morning quarterbacks. You now the type: the coach is an idiot, the QB couldn't read a greeting card, and the offensive line has more holes than Dunkin' Donuts. I read one about photography of human subjects in the outdoors- gripping. Homeschooling (and why I never will), gardening (eh), restoring old cars (snoozer), crock pot cooking (not the same as the InstaPot blogs), marathon training (umm, no) and lots more.

My blog has evolved over this first year. I have covered many topics, as I warned I would. Some were a hit and some were a miss. I have also posted a variety on FB, Insta and Twitter. Some were a hit and some were a miss. In a nutshell, people want to hear about my chaos. It's really how it all started. "Oh Christine--- you have so many hysterical stories!"

So as I embark on year 2, we're gonna do it. I'm giving you front row seats into how i do -or don't- manage my chaos. It all started back in 1996, I suppose, when my hubby and I tied the knot. So check in a few times a week- and that's an order!

Oh- and don't forget to check out the daily videos on my social media. That's where the real, live, in the moment chaos usually occurs. Videos always get the most hits on social media. That sorta makes sense. Social media has taken over reading the paper, going to the movies and even watching tv. We can all just get it quick & dirty from our phones.

So enjoy Year 2 with me. Do me a favor, share my blog with 5 of your friends. You could share the website, my facebook page or even InstaStories. Come on, get your little fingers typing and drop your friends a note. There will be extra credit and who doesn't like an extra hall pass for the semester?

be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo