It Just Takes Baby Steps

I am working with a friend who just did an amazing remodel in her kitchen. It looks fantastic: bright, fresh and new. But with one project comes another, and then the train goes barreling down the tracks. Has this happened to you? You do one room and it makes you so happy. The problem is you look around that one room and see the rooms that don't make you happy.

I have done this many times before. In my last home we renovated our master bath. It took longer, of course, and we spent more than we planned. It wasn't long after the honeymoon, I mean the remodel, ended that I wanted to do the master bedroom.

So it just happened in baby steps. I had to throw my husband off the scent. Now I am not suggesting you be dishonest with your spouse. But, sometimes when you are out and about you sometimes just "happen" to find something that perfectly complements your new room.

Maybe it's a pillow or a mirror that's on sale and would be perfect above your bed. I am a big advocate of buying something when you see it and especially when it is a great deal. Always remember to save your receipt. It's so annoying when you want to take something back and can't find the darn receipt. Some stores still don't have credit card look-up. I mean, come on!

I do have this very high tech system of saving receipts. I thought about doing a separate post about this. I am gifted at some things and clueless at others. One of the reasons I began my blog is to share stories, ideas, photos and give y'all encouragement to be a better you. My receipt saving system is an example of these blog goals. I shove my receipts in the side door of my car, give it a try. I think over the course of time it'll get easier for you. It's the same with making small changes in your home, baby steps.

Again, I digress. As promised, MTC is a blog for all. I do, at times, pop from topic to topic. But let's get

back to tricking your spouse into making over another room.

Y'all know how I love Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Amazon and of course Target. When I am out and something catches my eye, I have a really hard time not bringing it home with me. Sometimes I leave it in the car for a few days. Sometimes I wait until hubby is out of town. That's the ideal timing because I can test drive whatever treasure I found for a few days.

So these pics are some of the things that have caught my eye in the process of transforming my friend's first floor. I may just grab some of them too and "test-drive" them in my own home for a few days. The best part of buying online, is I don't have those annoying receipts to shove in my car door.

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo