Me? Write a blog?

So where to start? People have been telling me for years to write a book. Apparently I have a lot of funny stories. Well in order to write a book that would require me remembering those stories. Through the years as I've had my 4 kids, my brain has had to learn to input and output memories daily. I just don't have the room to store it all. I have some friends that tell me MY stories. More than once I have heard, "don't you remember that time you left Bo on the driveway and drove off because he refused to put his shoes on?". Now clearly that never happened, aren't my friends funny? But I guess I've had a lot of stories to tell over the years. Some weren't funny at the time... I can tell you that. So here I am, a blogging virgin. Maybe just my mom and sisters will read this, and that's fine. Trust me, this will be all over the place. Fashion, home decor, parenting, gardening, cooking, and who knows what else. So... more fun for you because you'll never know what you're gonna get.