Miles & Earbuds

I spent a lot of time on the road this past summer. I actually do not like to drive. I would much rather grab a flight. I was juggling my son's travel baseball schedule while squeezing in football recruiting trips. But Mama sucked it up and we hit the road. On the first trip I looked back at my son, he was spread out on the backseat, as he watched Netflix resting on a pillow with a blanket. I shook my head and rolled my eyes and thought, this is never gonna work. So at the next rest stop God spoke to me. He said to download a audio book.. The heavens parted and the angels began to sing a country tune.

Let's go through some of the titles that kept me busy as we covered Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota and, Arkansas:

This was a mindless, funny and somewhat frustrating read. Don't you ever want to yell at a character, "Get your SH - - together!"? Great story about girlfriends and having one another's back. This is a good airplane, beach or pool read.

Funny, Funny, Funny. This took me back to the days of elementary school class parties and the PTO. Who is baking the treats and who is bringing the store bought cookies on a platter and trying to pass them off as homemade. Then there was the birthday parties and the poor kiddoes that weren't invited and had to hear about it at school. Because of this, there were many angry Mama Bears. I loved this one!

This is another good one. I really found myself cheering for the sweet girl. And then the big twist. I DID NOT see that coming. I normally can predict what's going to happen but this author really left me with my jaw hanging open. Of course my son didn't even notice my shock from the back seat because he was so enthralled with an episode of The Office he's seen 652 times.

Oh this book, picture me with my hand on my heart and a look of adoration on my face. Love, love love. Picoult normally addresses socially controversial topics and this was certainly a great example of that in a very surprising setting. One of my favorites of the summer.

So I finished a book and was looking for another one night in a hotel somewhere in the Midwest when I came across this one. I have read all of her books and was excited to see what is was about. The first sentence mentioned football and, I was sold. And the name of the town it was based in was Walker, my son's name, so I think it was meant to be. Maybe this was how I was supposed to connect with him on this trip. What a revelation!

There you have it- some of the stories that kept me entertained, and awake, as I covered the Midwest chauffeuring my teenage son as he was living the dream in the back seat. I am on the road now as a matter of fact traveling to a baseball tournament, the last one before he graduates next month, insert sniff sniff. Don't worry, my husband is driving. Share some of your great reads because I am always looking for my next airbuds entertainment.

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo