TARGET STYLE Finds a New Home

I think I told y'all at one point in this blog adventure how I didn't buy many of the pieces I tried on. I did bring a lot home to finish the series, outside of the Target dressing room. Today's look now has a new, happy, loving and supportive home. I am confident all of its' needs will be met and it will thrive in it's new environment.

It all started with a beer, oh no, that's a country song. It all started with this bomber jacket. It was one of the first things I put in my cart that day so long ago when I went on my field trip to the exquisite world we know as Target. It was buried somewhere in one of those 4 dressing rooms. I can only thank the heavens above that it made it into my cart after such a chaotic clean up. I must note, especially to my dear friend who is Target's First Lady, that I left those dressing rooms neater then when I arrived.

I put every item back on it's correct hanger. How annoying is it when you see the sweater you have been looking for, grab it to take with you to the dressing room, only to suffer extreme disappointment? You go through the trouble of undressing and yank off an earring in the process. As you are putting the sweater over your head, the tag gives you a paper cut on your cheek. You notice as you are pulling it down there is a little "push back" coming from the breast area. You think, "this must be a junior cut". When you finally get it on, catch your breath and wipe the blood from your cheek you glance at the tag to check the price. Extra Small?!?! Oh no you didn't! Oh yes... that just happened. So of course there isn't anyone working to ask for the correct size. You have 2 options: go out on the floor wearing this spanx-type bodysuit or change out of it, which will take 1/2 an hour. Wait! I thought of a third option. Don't buy it at all! Ain't nobody got time for that! NOBODY needs a sweater that bad.

Holy Moly- did I just go off on the mother of all tangents?!? So the bomber jacket- love it, very comfortable and the inside lining is camo. Yes, its highly unlikely that anyone will ever see the camo, but it sure does up your "cool factor".

Target carries a great line of fun graphic tees. Fifth Sun is the brand to look for. This one is a cut-off sleeve style so it's perfect to put under something a little bulky, like this jacket. I know how the world goes crazy when Starbucks starts selling their pumpkin spice lattes, so that must be why the drink now has it's own tee. I am not a coffee drinker, but love the tee.

The jeans I think were in one of the first looks. They look like something you'd buy at a department store but, wait for it, $29.99. Raw-edge hem. Just the right amount of distressing. Skinny-but not to the point where you are experiencing cramps.

The shoes I buy every single year. I wear them so much that it is in everyone's best interest that I buy a new pair every single year. By spring, well, let's just say they don't smell like the hyacinths that are blooming in my yard. Any outfit you put on; navy, grey, black, red, orange, green or a combo of colors, these are the shoes to wear. I don't want to hear "do these go with what I'm wearing?". YES- they go with anything you are wearing. a degree, you know what I mean.

The earrings I have had for years and Target still carries them. I found them online, probably your best bet. The necklace I have on is my own but I did find one similar on their site. If you are not aware of Bauble Bar, I've got news. It's fun, unique statement jewelry that now has a line just for Target. The necklace I chose is from this line.

And that completes the sweet story of how this darling outfit came to be a part of our family, specifically my closet. It has already transitioned quite well and has made numerous friends in the neighborhood. I think it's going to be a great "fit".

As always, below are links to shop. Consider providing a good home for one of these looks today.

I have been to 4 Targets around town during this process.

Some have a piece or 2, some have them all and some- nothing!

So online is your easiest option, but searching multiple stores opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

Happy Labor Day weekend! My prayer is you will be doing anything but "laboring". Pat yourself on the back for making it through another summer. Prayers also for anyone who has a son/grandson/nephew/etc. starting their football season. When I finish this post I will begin my meditation to prepare for our first game tonight. Go Tigers!

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo