Target Style for the Win

My sweet SIL suggested I do a blog about fun fashion finds at Target. She said she'd love to see what I put together from roaming around. Well- I did just that yesterday. I entered the store. I got that feeling of adrenaline rushing through my body. I grabbed one of those infamous red carts guilty for all the purchases you didn't intend to buy when you made your list, drove to Target and entered the store. I can bet there's not one of you who doesn't head to Target for toilet paper and end up in the women's section. Am I right?

I headed to the women's clothing. I did a snake pattern back and forth slowly admiring each item and considering it's potential. Some items are clearly not for moms of 4. They were not designed for the 4 c-section body. I think there should be a bouncer into the "juniors" section asking for ID just to be clear that those items are off limits.

I started using the side of the cart. I hung items over each of the 3 sides until the piles were starting to tip over. Then I used the section designed for a baby or small child. Whew- I smiled knowing I do not need this section anymore.

After I had thoroughly combed the women's department 3 times, I headed to shoes. The selection wasn't great yesterday, but enough to choose from as a compliment to these outfits I planned to "put together".

I must mention, my cart was full to the point of embarrassment. I did get a lot of looks. I did feel like I was being judged. I considered going to Customer Service to make a sign that read "ALL OF THIS IS FOR A BLOG". But the clock was ticking and I had school pickup to think about.

I covered shoes and headed to accessories. Wow- those shoe boxes took up a lot of prime real estate in my cart. . Good thing I thought to use the "shelf" under the cart intended for TP and paper towels. Kuddos to me on that one! I decided to leave my cart in an aisle near shoes. It was just too much of a challenge to maneuver that cart without knocking over a sunglass display. Now this was the challenging part, where to put the jewelry? I put a few on top of my piles that were on the sides of the cart but they fell into a deep abyss. So, I ended up wearing it all back to the dressing room. What's a blogger to do?

Oh the dressing room...I knew I wasn't going to make a friend back there. I approached, she smiled, she frowned and then tilted her head. She told me there was no way I could bring ALL of it in a dressing room. I immediately mentioned my good friend's name who just happens to be the QUEEN of Target. She's not just the LOD, or Senior Team Leader, (yes, I'm using correct Target terminology), she is a legend. When I mentioned her name, the girl gasped.

Off I went to the largest dressing room they had. It was quiet so logically I used 4 dressing rooms. One had accessories, another for bottoms, another with tops and the last was for dresses & jackets.

This was a strategic and brilliant move, well at least to me it was. Then it dawned on me I had to walk room to room grabbing what I wanted. Sounds reasonable but I'd potentially be in my panties and bra. I did a few stealth moves to grab jeans. I jumped across from one room to another trying to minimize the amount of time my c-section belly was exposed. Whew!

Ok friends- small smoke break here. My plan is to show y'all one outfit per day. I will continue to narrate this day of "research" with you as I share more outfits throughout the next week. This field trip is not one to share in just 1 post. In fact, I have probably gone on too long already, but this IS Target we're talking about.

I am slowly honing my photography skills. I did have to use my iPhone (a digital camera would have been MORE awkward) and the lighting is not great in dressing rooms, as we all know. Also, pay no attention to the bulging cart behind me.

I started with this darling short-sleeved sweater. Yes, it's white and Labor Day is approaching. News flash- that "rule" is sooo 1980s. It feels like butter. The details are adorable, especially the fringe. This is from a fun new brand, Who What Wear.

These moto utility leggings are the bomb. I always get compliments when I wear them and confused looks when I say they are from Target. Yes, they really are. Geez! Great color, comfy, perfect length and versatile. Dress them up or down & use with lots of colors. Think booties, heels or...

...these shoes, oh these shoes! My friend, aka the legend, brought these back to me. I did also ask her to bring me a drink & a snack...I think she thought I was kidding. I absolutely was not, I was getting hangry. These fashion sneaks are super adorbs. Like so adorbs that people will ask and you will say "Target" and they will say "really" and so on.

Lastly, the mini cross body. Don't you get tired of carrying your everyday handbag sometimes? They are overpacked, heavy and just a nuisance most days. This is for those days when you want to throw your keys, cash, lip gloss, ID, credit cards and sunglasses & head out the door. So freeing to be so light.

Outfit #1 down and who knows how many to go. I did bring some stuff home because I ran out of time, don't judge! Links are below for these items- just click to shop.

Be kind & love others~

Christine xoxo

ps- my phone case is from It's designed for people who drop their phone a lot, know anyone like that?