Target Style: Take 2

Where did we leave off? I think I was hangry, sweating and making a mess of 4 Target dressing rooms. The next time I do this I will be sure to pack a cooler and a small fan. I thought about heading out into the store and grabbing some snacks and a portable AC unit, but I was on a roll and had that school pick up looming over my head.

This next outfit is fun, fun, fun! Now- I don't want to hear, "I could never wear that!". YES- YOU - CAN! The fun thing about these pieces is you can swap them with those in yesterday's look.

This is a black semi-sheer back-tie tank. It has a higher collar and you button and tie a bow behind your neck. This is a staple piece because you can wear it alone, under a cardigan, with jeans, or under a blazer to work. No need for a necklace here but I added this one because it's... rose gold. Who loves rose gold like me? This necklace with the blush skirt coming up next... done!

The corduroy skirt is from the "junior section", gasp! The bouncer I mentioned in my last post had gone on his lunch break so I snuck over and grabbed it like I belonged there. Online there are other colors, even a floral. This skirt would look great with some Converse and a tee or a denim shirt. You could wear this into the fall and when winter arrives, throw on some tights or knee high boots.

The black booties, well these are just a must-have. You will wear the heck out of them. They are a wedge and very comfy. Other colors are on their site as well. I could have worn these booties with every outfit I put on, but there were other shoes to share. Plus, that would have made it difficult to change bottoms and I was already struggling.

Lastly, the cute mini backpack. Like I mentioned yesterday, mix things up. We don't need to carry the same bag every- darn - day. It also doesn't have to be a "handbag". Just Say No. This little number is nylon and quilted. I saw it and thought, "this cutie is going to make someone very happy". Are you feeling happy?

Now before I head out to the lake for the weekend I must share some fun facts.

1. Free shipping on orders of $35 or more right now. Also, free returns. Wait- who returns things to Target in the mail??? Why would you do that? You'd lose an opportunity to go in and actually find MORE things to fill your cart.

2. has LOTS more on their site than they could ever possibly stock in their stores. I bought some Who What Wear last fall and the line just hit the stores recently.

3. Most of their jeans and jeggings etc. are ON SALE now. Scroll through and grab a few pairs. If they don't fit, bring them back to the store and shop some more.

4. Mix and match pieces. Nothing drives me more crazy then when people ask, "does this go with that?". This frustration applies to fashion and home decor. Put the shoes on you want to wear. Wear black with navy. Buy a floral rug with a buffalo checked sofa. It's your house and your body! Don't let someone else make decisions for you. You know what I always say...NOBODY puts Baby in the corner.

So friends, happy fri-YAY and have a beautiful weekend! Here in KC we are having glorious weather and I intend to enjoy it on the water while blogging on our boat. I may get a little life preserver for my laptop. I hear Amazon Prime calling my name.

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo

ps- again, my phone case can be found at

Best Invention Ever!

pss- College football starts on Saturday! Yes, only a few games, but a reason to celebrate none the less.

psss- be sure to send me a message and let me know what you bought!

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