Target Style Take 5

This is going to be a quick post friends. I have 2 boys calling my name over and over. Football season starts this week! Around our home, it's like the days leading up to Christmas. Of course, there's also work to be done that comes with these big events. Yes, your jersey is clean. Yes, I washed your girdle- so very gross.. Nope, I have not a clue where your game socks are. You bet, I'll run and get more ice for your ice bath. How many mouth pieces do you need??! GO ASK DAD!

Ok, back to the important stuff. We are no longer in the Target dressing room. I mentioned the other day I ran out of time so I brought a bunch of things home and have been stashing it all under my bed. I mean there were quite a few bags and I didn't know what I planned to keep. It just seemed it would all be safest under there.

This is my favorite look from the week. Everything is so so so comfortable. These shoes, drool worthy. The jeans are like butter. This is the bell sleeved ribbed number I was telling you about. If you buy anything, these are the winners.

My husband was in his office and I was walking around wearing this look. He had his doors shut and all I could see was this super confused look on his face through the glass. I felt like scheduling an appointment with him just so I could go in & tell him about these shoes. I guess I don't normally walk around looking like this on most Tuesdays.

In the links below I added a few more items to have a peek at. I do have to share a little secret. Not everything in the store is online and vice versa. It's very frustrating to find an item and then I cannot share it because "no item exists" on the website. Here's the deal- if you'd something you see here and cannot find it at your store or online- let me know. I will search high& low, in & out and up & down to find it for you. This is especially true for the shoes. It's like what I always tell my boys...

"Winners never quit & Quitters never win!"

So get out there and load these pieces in your shopping cart so they can find a spot in your closet. Better yet, don't leave home. Lay in bed with your laptop & coffee and shop. It's not so "peopley" this way. And then the magic "package fairy" will drop by in a few days with those red and white boxes we all love so much. Trust me, you'll thank me eventually. And if you have to hide some things under your bed for a bit so they're safe, I support you 100%

As always, scroll through the links below to shop. The clutch is a substitute- the one I am holding is not online yet. (insert eye roll here)

Just a couple looks left. I hope I have inspired you to look at Target in a new way. Let me know what you buy and I'd love to see pics of y'all wearing these pieces. Happy Hump Day friends!

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo