Target Style: Weekend Edition

Happy weekend from the lake. If you follow me on Instagram (@managingthechaos) you may have seen my Insta story. My husband & I headed to the lake this weekend with just our youngest and her bestie. Football season starts for our boys this Friday night and chaos will quickly take over our schedule. We hope to get down here on game weekends, we just can't get on the road until Saturday mornings. Luckily the drive is only 2 hours and 15 minutes and we can get here quickly to get in as much time on the water as possible. As soon as I pull down our driveway I exhale and feel so relaxed.

We do not have great cell service here and the wifi is sketchy, so this post has taken me a while. That's one of the reasons we love the lake. It forces us all to unplug. I had to work quickly because the hubs was not thrilled about me sitting on my computer when it's sunny & 80.

This next look started when I strolled past these darling lace up rain boots. I love rain boots and I have a few pairs of tall ones. It can be a bit of a workout to get my feet into them. These are perfect, stylish and practical. The wine colored laces are unique and the height is perfect to pair with any skinny jean or legging.

I also grabbed the nylon backpack again. Even better, if you scroll though the items to shop below there is a great weekender bag that's perfect for a carry-on, girls getaway or weekend at the lake. They carry it in olive as well, love!

I couldn't find this exact tee online to link. I went to 3 Targets the other day and they all had a different selection of graphic tees. If you see something you like, grab it, because it will be gone. The tees on the website are different as well. So stock up for the fall & winter because they are great for layering and you can also get a fun message across at the same time. I CAN'T ADULT TODAY, WEEKEND WARRIOR and ALLERGIC TO MORNINGS are my favorites.

These jeans came home with me. $20? Why would they not? Don't ever let anyone, including your husband, tell you that you have too many jeans. Never, ever! We just never know when something, some day is going to call for those wide leg, boot cut, acid washed, low waisted, blingy pair hiding in the back of your closet. Better safe than sorry. If you see some you like, buy them and just double up pairs on hangers to minimize the size of your jean collection. Just sayin'.

The hat is just so darn fun. The look this fall is fabric ball caps with little -to-no design. This is a silk, perfectly plain but perfectly fun style! Target has a lot of hats in store and online right now. If you ever have a bad hair day, pop one on and I bet more than 1 person tells you they love it!

Scroll through links below

to shop this look and a

few others finds.

Here are the links to shop this look. I added a few other items from outfits I tried and the end result didn't make the cut. This tee is so soft and a perfect basic you need in your closet. They have LOTS of colors. I paid full price and when I got on the Target site today, they are $2.80. Say what?!?! Ummm...get one in every color, don't ya think?

Ok I must head home to reality. Busy week of dryer repair, dermatologist, orthodontist, serving spaghetti dinner to the football players and a freshman and varsity game. I need to find that flask I have somewhere to bring an adult beverage to the games to calm my nerves. I am also planning to shoot my husband with a tranquilizer dart to get him to relax. Ok, I'm not 100% serious

Tomorrow's look is sassy and perfect for a girl's night on the town or a date with your hubby. Do me a favor, try to talk about something other than homework, who is driving to which practice and how the dog pooped in the basement. Here's to the weekend friends!

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo