Thanks for Fashion

It's really not all about the cooking. I do like to wake up on Thanksgiving and stay in pajamas for the Macy's Day parade. The egg casserole is a must and my husband starts the process of smoking the turkey. We host, so I could stay in my pjs all day. But there is something about the day that beckons for fine china, candles & your prettiest holiday attire. I can't get dressed while I'm mashing my potatoes. It's a given that the mixer will "whip" them right at me and I feel compelled to sample them from my pants.

When it's finally time to "get dressed", here are some looks for both staying home to host or traveling over the river and through the woods. I included many different price points & you can always shops the sales and find similar pieces, but you better hurry!


I like this look because the sleeves and the booties are fun, fun, fun! Nothing too fancy, these are black jeans after all. Just enough to make you feel like the holidays are here and you're on board.

This is a dressier look for a more formal meal or even a reservation out. Look at the price on the eye palette. The heels with the denim shirt is a great look that could be worn with the black jeans above for a totally different look.

And here we have my favorite look, pajamas. I included some great Christmas pjs & you can buy them for the whole family to get in the spirit. I had to add the Barefoot Dreams wrap because that is a staple. And I love slippers that can be worn inside and on the go. I wear mine to drive my daughter to school. Now if I did have to get out for some reason, I'd have no bra on and stinky teeth, but at least my feet would look good.

I still can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. I was in Sam's Club the other day and the crowds sure did indicate that it was right around the corner. I felt compelled to buy a turkey or 2, and a pumpkin pie, but it's still over a week away. The crowds will only be worse next week so I suppose those early-bird shoppers had a leg up on me.

I have to mention more thing that I posted on Facebook this week. How frustrated do you get when you work so hard on the meal and everyone is finished eating in 10 minutes? The kids ask to be excused (or we hope they do) and they are off to do their own thing. I found these Table Topic placemats on Amazon & each one has 6 different questions. These should keep your speed eaters sitting for a while longer, or at least until you're ready to pull out the pumpkin pie.

Blessings to you & your family as we enter "the most wonderful time of the year".

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo


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