Top 10 Pet Peeves of My Job

I didn't realize it had been so long since I finished a new post. I'm gonna shoot it to you straight, it's because of my kids. Ever since school started they are just so needy. "Pick me up here, take me there, I need a new folder, did you wash my white shorts with the black stripe down the side, we are out of chocolate milk. I forgot my lunch, can you bring it?" I know, it's the #1 Cardinal sin of parenting, taking something to school when our kids forget it. But it's September and my campaign for Mom of the Year ended months ago, so I feel ok about myself.

The biggest time suck is the homework. I already finished my Freshman year of high school and it was not pretty back then. I certainly do not wish to repeat it. But here I sit, every evening at our kitchen island, supervising my son as he swears he has "no homework". I go through the fancy, but highly frustrating, district online system for parents to check assignments and grades. I make a list of all that is in fact due. He opens his binder and it's just a hot mess. There is no other way to put it.

I loved school supplies. I loved all the colors and different sized binders. I loved fresh notebook paper. I loved labeling anything I could. My mom would tease me that I made an actual course out of school supply organization. Now I know how she felt because my 7th grade daughter is cut from the same cloth. The only problem is now I pay the bill. If I hear that someone needs a binder or 5-subject notebook one more time, heads are gonna roll.

While we are on the topic of things that drive me crazy, a thought came to me this morning. Pet peeves, we all have them. I did realize, however, that the theme of most of mine are my "job". Yes, being a stay-at-home mom to 4 busy kids is certainly a job. Wait, who gets to "stay at home"? Don't we wish! But I compiled a Top 10 list of things that drive me crazy about my vocation.

#10 What happened to all the conditioner?

Does this happen in your shower? I buy the shampoo & conditioner at the same time. I wash and condition my hair at the same time. I like to think I use the same amount. But why is it -every time- I run out of conditioner first and then I have to , oh no, use another brand?

I know there's not actually beauty product police and I won't be fined, but come on! I suppose I could bring a measuring spoon to the shower, or is that too much?

#9 Folding a fresh load of clothes from the dryer.

Ok, again, I told you from the beginning I would be honest. There is no " life is all peaches and cream" here on my blog. So I am here to tell you, I hate laundry. Strong word yes, but I HATE it. There is just so much of it with 4 kids, and 2 that play sports.

I am guilty of multiple cycle syndrome, aka MCS. The symptoms are: leaving the clothes in the washer for a few days. Continuing to add to load until you finally get the urge to run it. Run it and forget about it. Open washer to smell "that smell". Decide to run it again but be more diligent this time. Hear the signal that the load is done. Pull from washer to load dryer. Open dryer and there is a load in there of damp and severely wrinkled clothes. Now you have to run the "refresh" cycle on the dryer. And on and on it goes. So by the time a load is actually done and ready to be folded, I am quite frankly sick of looking at it. Hence- the diagnosis of MCS.

#8 The empty TP roll

This one should come as no surprise to anyone. It is the age old struggle- changing the toilet paper roll will not cause brain damage. But it's always in the middle of the night when I reach for the roll and I feel the cardboard. Really?! Now I have to drip while I search in the dark for the new rolls in the cabinet. Not nice, just not nice at all.

#7 The lone socks

Again, this one is probably on most of your lists. However, it boggles my mind every load. Where do they go? I talk to myself as I fold and I just know I am going to be a few short. It's almost as if I am talking myself off a ledge. It's really not even the missing socks, it's the mystery and the complete lack of a logical explanation. But I have these cute little baskets, one for whites and one for colored socks, and I have high hopes too. I used to make it a game and pay my kids a quarter for every match. Oh- that was sooo 10 years ago. Now they'd want a new iPhone for completing the task.

#6 Why can't they put trash IN the trash?

This one is a hot topic in our home. This is just a lack of respect, entitlement and laziness. What's worse is because my own children can't bring themselves to use the trash cans, they have modeled to their friends that this is ok. It's not- plain and simple. After friends are over there is a menagerie of cans, bottles, wrappers, plates and even chewed gum here and there. I hate to think my kids do this at their friends' homes, but again, I'm not in contention for Mom of the Year anymore.

#5 Empty water reservoir in coffee maker

I don't drink much coffee. I may have a cup or 2 a week, and it is always decaf. But I do drink tea, and diet coke sometimes in the morning. So when I decide to make a cup of tea and the coffee maker is blinking, I feel a bit of rage brewing;) I think it's also the "more water please" message on the display screen that seems so condescending. I am not blaming my husband. I mean who actually brews coffee and then thinks, "oh wow, it needs more water, I think I'll just go ahead and fill that up"? No one, ever.

I should have put a pot filler behind the coffee pot and that would have solved this hot button. I could have taken the lid off, turned on the faucet and filled it right there in one easy step. Take notes, if you are building or remodeling, consider this for your "must-have" list.

#4 Dirty clothes just short of the laundry basket

I should have stated at the start... these are actual photos from my home today. There is no staging here- this is real life folks. This issue I just don't understand. I am certain it is a secretly strategized

plot so that the other members of my home can witness a complete & utter meltdown. It's literally just a few more inches!

#3 A wet towel on the ground.

Wow, as I am writing this I am getting a little annoyed. A little bit of rage is boiling. I am also starting to feel like actually this is all my fault. There seems to be a theme that I have failed as a mother to teach my kids proper household etiquette . I feel like it is too late now. The ship has sailed. The train has left the station. But news flash people- hang up your wet towel! You can use it multiple times. You are clean when you use it so just hang it up, please.

#2 Emptying the dishwasher

I feel like this one could be #1. This one is probably on your list as well. I cannot wait to put stuff in the dishwasher, just to get it out of my sight. I hate dishes piling up in my sink. I just like to shove it all in the dishwasher, hit the start button and walk away. But with the good comes the bad. What goes up must come down. You fill it and guess what, you eventually have to empty it. When I give it as a chore to one of my children, it just back fires. They have no clue where anything belongs, so they just pile it up on the counter. That doesn't help me one little bit.

And the #1 pet peeve about my job....AN EMPTY WINE BOTTLE

It's just a matter of time. The laundry, the dishwasher and the picking up trash wears me down. I try to talk to myself during the day and encourage myself with positive & uplifting thoughts. But most days it just gets to that point. You know, "that" point. I put on my PJs and light a candle and it's time for a glass of wine. I have earned it. But as I reach for the bottle of red I notice it is quite light. No- it can't be. This could never happen. How could I let this happen? The bottle is EMPTY. There's no more, anywhere! I look in the wine frig, the barn, the laundry room, the garage and the master bathroom. It's gone. There's nothing to do except run to the store. But, I'm just too tired & cranky and there's Social Studies to work on. And so it goes my friends... this is my biggest pet peeve.

There you have it- honest, uncut, unfiltered details about what drives me crazy about my "job". Maybe you can relate to one or even a few. This post really was not encouraging, it didn't teach you a new skill or introduce you to a new product. But if you read it, maybe it makes you feel a tiny bit better about the struggle at your home. So raise your glass! Of course, put wine in it! Don't be foolish like me and forget to restock.

Blessings for a happy & stress-free weekend. Enjoy the cooler weather & falling leaves. Watch some football and yell at the TV, that'll make you feel better!

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo