Two Halves Make a Whole

Thanks for all your sweet comments about the interior photos. It really was a labor of love. At times it was very stressful, but in the end we are so happy with the finished product. The longer we live here, the fewer bad memories we have of the process. Sounds a lot like childbirth, doesn't it?

As promised, this post is all about the second "half" of the first level. As much as I love the "other half", there are little touches on this side of our home that I smile every time I see. Here is the first detail I am sure you are not surprised about, the funeral home doors. Hubby keeps them closed most of the time for making his calls and trying to drown out the chaos. That's perfect because if they were open, the craftsmanship would be lost.

Quick pic of the original hardware detail, it still works too!

Looking at these pictures of my husband's office reminds me I owe my him a big thanks. I designed his entire office without consulting him very often. Well, that’s sort of 90% true. He chose the stone for his fireplace. He travels quite a bit so he was never really in the design meetings. Most of the time when I asked him his opinion he would say, “it’s up to you.” He’s a smart man!

I wanted it to have the look of a study, not an “office”. I wanted it to remind us of the libraries at The University of Illinois where we met. I chose the dark stain and the navy grasscloth wallpaper and knew I was taking a gamble. I just kept my fingers crossed after the wallpaper was hung he would give me the thumbs up. He did, he's a very smart man.

You can see the desk I chose for him at market in Dallas below. It's heavy and ornate and very unique. I was nervous as heck he would not like it, but he does.

These bookcase lights are from Greece. I found them on ETSY. Even though we had some electrical conversion issues, we were able to make them work. Our electrician was a little concerned when he connected them, but all ended well & no one was injured in the process.

I know the hall bathroom isn't too exciting, but I had to show you this sink. I found it on ETSY as well. Did you know you can buy sinks on Etsy? I just did not want what everyone else had from the plumbing, lighting and tile showrooms. This sink is from, you guessed it, Pennsylvania. That sealed the deal.

You should also know, I love maps and globes. Love! One day I will do a blog post of our lake house and you can see my collection of vintage globes above our kitchen cabinets. With that said, this wallpaper in this hall bath made me giddy. It has blue tones and it’s vintage-y looking. It’s perfect.

Quick peek of the laundry room. Well I’m not going actually “show” you the laundry room. It’s a disaster 75% of the time. With 4 kids, 2 of them boys who play sports, the laundry is NEVER done. I mean it, NEVER. This sweet light fixture below is salvaged from the original home. I had to be there during the demolition to explicitly state what I wanted to save. This was one of my favorites.

Our master bath was truly the only spot of the home that is new and 100% our design. It was an addition, as you may remember, and a blank slate. We had the footprint of the room, based on what we needed for our son's room below. After weeks of debating, I splurged on the claw foot tub. We decided on the vaulted focal wall, so what else was I going to put in front of it? A wine bar? A mani/pedi station? A massage table? Yes, all great ideas, but we chose the tub.

The shiplap wall was stained with a mixture of our wall color, SW Functional Grey, and stain from the office and funeral doors. It was a recipe that required a lot of revisions.

Lastly, a quick peek at our master bedroom. This is the bump out, if you remember, where my daughters were standing with hard hats during the construction. This is where my desk is and it's my little reading nook. No, I've never sat and read there. Maybe I need to find it another name? And my pups love the furry pillow on the chair. That is a daily battle. My guess is they think it is one of their kind.

There you have it friends, a complete tour of the farmhouse renovation. I hope you were able to see my passion for mixing old and new. Doing this is nothing to be afraid of. If you like it, do it! Don't worry about if it matches, does it "go" or if it looks weird. No, no and no! Hope y'all have a great weekend. Time is ticking and school is about to start here in KC. But that also means football season. Maybe I should write a blog about football, FOOTBALL 101. You know.. what's a safety, spread offense, PAT or an audible? Hmmm...I will ponder that over the weekend.

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Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo

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