What Can You Trash in 2018?

Happy New Year. Happy 2018! Happy "clean up your house and get rid of the crap". Yes, I am sure you have read 20 articles of what to do now that we have started a new year. Eat this, don't wear that, make your kids do chores, save money, meal plan, and for the sake of all things holy- get new panties. I decided, as I was putting away Christmas decor, that there needed to be some hard core changes in my household.

I made a 2018 list of changes for my kids and hung it on the refrigerator. Umm, it's day 6 and no one is doing laundry. My husband is still collecting his beloved chicken eggs. Any why did I think my 14-year old would empty the dishwasher? Can you imagine if that actually ever happened? Broken glass everywhere, wine glasses with the coffee mugs, silverware all intermingled and facing the wrong direction- gasp. So I have had to make some adjustments to the list. You can see my kids' eyes rolling, can't you? As if Mom is really going to follow through with any of this.

Well that is probably 90% true. I have tried this and that over the years. I admit, I am a card carrying member of Consistency Quitters Anonymous. I am ok with that. Just like I knew early on in 2017 that the Mom of the Year award was clearly out of my reach.

So today I write about what I am getting rid of in my home this year. I am tired of holding onto stuff thinking one day I will need it. I posted an article the other day on my blog Facebook page about what to get rid of in your closet in 2018. That should really be a one-night, hard core marathon event. Don't think longer than a few seconds. Yes, No or Maybe. I challenge you to put the "maybes" in one section of your closet and wear them by year end. Do it, I dare you!

But here is my list for your home. After you read it let's have a conversation about what you want to get rid of too. Let's give one another some more ideas.

1. Unused/expired toiletries: How many "samples" to you have stashed under your sink? I tell myself I think I'll try this one day. Come on, how many times do we use the little samples? Sometimes it's even more effort to open the little packages than to use the darn stuff. Oh and makeup brushes....at some point we just have to let go. I have a favorite brush I will not let go of. It was BC- I'm talking about "before children". Yes, I do at least wash it, I haven't completely lost my mind.

2. "Holey" towels or bedding: Man oh man do I have some nasty towels. I mean why am I holding onto towels with bleach stains? I have so many darn flat sheets and we don't use flat sheets. What was I thinking- all of a sudden I was going to learn to sew and make drapes with them? And sets of sheets for beds you don't have, donate. If you have no full mattresses in your home, that full set is not going to magically grow to fit your king bed one day.

3. Hangers: Enough said. If they are wire and from the dry cleaner, recycle them the next time you drop off your cleaning. And the broken ones? Take time to take them off the rod and actually place them in a trash can. It will not cause a seizure. Your closet will look so much neater. NO WIRE HANGERS, you remember the movie?

4. Expired pantry items: Gross. How many times have you moved and brought your spices with you? I looked at some baking powder the other day that was expired in 2011. When I was younger and newly married I didn't even know pantry items expired. This was a revelation and when I did a full scale clean out, it's not something I am real proud of.

5. Cookbooks: Let's be honest, we all have our favorites. I collect vintage cookbooks to use as decor in my kitchen. Of course if you have open shelving or glass fronts, cookbooks are a great thing to display. But some are prettier than others, and if you don't use it- toss it. Another idea, if you only use a recipe or 2, take a photo of it. You can always print it off and stick in another of your favorite cookbooks. We do also have the internet after all. And if you have a special hand-written recipe from a loved one, frame it. Enlarge it, add a matte and hang it in your kitchen.

6. Sporting goods: Is your garage full of bikes, cleats, catching equipment, golf clubs, helmets and a baseball cup or two? My dogs love to run around the yard with my sons' old cups. I know, it's very disturbing. But if your child has dropped a sport or something is damaged- let it go! Yes, some can be donated, but most of the things in my garage are stinky and damaged and there's no way I can expose another poor child to our old crap.

7. Old packaging from shipped products: At some point it is ok to let go of that box from your coffee pot. You've had the vacuum for over a year & chances are you aren't going to ship anything in a box that large. Old shopping bags, grocery bags, and Amazon boxes have their limit as well. If you can't see the products under your sink because of all your plastic grocery bags stashed there, it's time to take a good hard look in the mirror.

8. Vases from floral delivery: Now this is one many people struggle with. You need a round, a square and this one has a pretty design & this one is so darn tiny and cute. Take a pause- do you have any idea how much room they are taking up on your kitchen shelves? Aim for keeping 3. Think positive thoughts, have confidence in yourself- someone WILL send you flowers again some day soon.

9. Unmatched socks: If you've been reading my blog for some time you know my battle with matching socks. I'm folding a load and I think maybe this is the load that I don't end up with any loaners. It never is. I have 2 (cute) baskets in my laundry room for single (and ready to mingle) socks. One basket is for whites & the other for darks (mostly dress socks). My husband overheard me yelling at these said baskets and took it upon himself to sit in front of a football game and make matches. I love him for that. I love him even more that he had the sense to throw out the rest. I would have kept the remaining singles. I know, it's pitiful.

10. Panties: Girls, it's time. I know we all have our favorites. Most probable they are not our husbands' favorites. I find a brand I like and then buy a bunch. But after times passes they start to shrink, it's absolutely not my butt growing. Then thread is hanging from the seams and it always feels like there could be a spider crawling in your pants. I am not sure what the shelf life is for undies, but I'm going to declare 2018 The Year to Trash your Granny Panties.

I am sure I could think of 100 more but I am going to leave that up to y'all. I want to hear what you're planning to get rid of this year. Share it right here on the blog or pop over to my Facebook and give us some ideas. My goal for 2018 is to grow my blog. 2017 was my "newborn" year and now this year I plan to grow through "infancy". The more you share, the more I grow. And for that, I am very thankful!

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo