What is Mother Nature Up To?

As you probably know, I have 4 kids. They each have their own passions and through the years it seems like we’ve tried it all. There was the brief ballet stint. They looked adorable but just didn't quite make it beyond kindergarten. Both my girls thought they wanted to be gymnasts. Wow, it smells bad in those gyms. 2 of the 4 tried an instrument, other than that awful "recorder". My 2 youngest tried the swim team one summer. I really wanted that to stick because I was the top breaststroke swimmer in my city in elementary school. I was kinda a big deal.

Then there was the summer of tennis lessons. "It's so hot, Mom!" . I spent money for lessons and watched my kids stand with 25% effort whacking the ball anywhere while rolling their eyes. I think we also went to the driving range, but I don't recall anyone committing to it such that I had to buy a set of clubs or an array of colorful golf shirts.

What I do think of when I go back through the years is all the time my rear end sat on a bench or in a chair watching my kids. It should be flat by now. And why am I always so tired when events are over? I have been known to say "that was exhausting" after a day of volleyball games. What? Why? I did NOTHING except move my butt from court to court and sit on different bleachers.

But the point of my post today is Mother Nature. Does she not know it's supposed to be warm for Spring sports?! I can just see her up there, or wherever she is, just pushing buttons with no regards for the parents. "Oh, I see there's a baseball game. Well let's go with 40 degrees-click. And add some snow-click. And I think I may throw in whipping winds too-click." Has she no mercy?

Well NEW FLASH Miss Mother Nature- It's Spring. Time for warm temps, above 60 I feel is reasonable, and the sun. For the love of all things pure, enough with the snow and freezing temps. Enough!

<<< My daughter and I this week tucked in sleeping bags with our winter parkas on watching my son's 9am baseball game. And, yes, I should keep in mind the boys were probably cold too on the field. It's not all about me.

Here's my theory. I think Mother Nature is either pouring too many glasses of wine for herself or maybe has been on a lengthy vacation and her long-term sub is not in the “weather business”.

So there you have it. My plea to Mother Nature to let Spring do it's thing. Now keep in mind, my pasty white body is not ready for Spring. But, I still have time until swimsuit season.

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo