Why Haven't I Been to the Gym You Ask?

It's like one of those complicated high school relationships. You know the kind, you're together, and all is blissful. Then he chooses his buddies over you on a Friday night. So Monday you talk to that "other" cute boy in the hall to make him jealous. He breaks up with you at your locker. You have a sleepover with your friends and cry all night. It's Monday again and you have to sit near him in study hall. You meet at your locker and all is blissful again.

That's how it is with me and the gym. Sometimes I love it and then other times I think "taking a break" is really what's best for our relationship. So why don't I go to the gym. Well, why don't YOU go to the gym? "THEY" say it takes 30 days to form a habit. Why is it always the bad habits that take a fast pass and get it done in 10 days?

So here I am- sharing why I think my relationship with the gym is always on the rocks:

1. I DIDN'T SLEEP LAST NIGHT- Most of you know my struggles with insomnia. I have tried it all and I appreciate all of your suggestions. But when I am up all night staring at the walls or catching up on my DVR list, the morning routine comes all to quick. The darn alarm goes off, I make breakfast, the lunches and drive my princess to school. If I take her to school in my PJs, you can bet I am heading back home to go back to sleep.

2. HUBBY IS NOT OUT OF TOWN- If my husband is out of town I have no choice but to get up in the morning and do the school routine. If he is home, he does it all. The alarm goes off, he pops up and off he goes. Well- why on earth would I waste that opportunity to sleep in? I tell myself I will go later, maybe after I do some stuff around the house. That is code for laying in bed and flipping through social media. The worst part is when he's in his office working and occasionally comes in to use bathroom. I'm still laying in bed and it's 1pm. Yes, I feel like a sloth.

3. I HAVEN'T BEEN THERE IN SO LONG, WHY GO TODAY? Again, back to the 10 quick & easy days to form a bad habit. I tell myself I need sleep or deserve a break so many times and all of a sudden we have gone from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Do I feel like I will be judged when I get there? Kinda. Is it like when you walk into the cafeteria after you and your boyfriend broke up? Kinda. I mean, I guess I should get over myself. Why do I think people are watching me as I stroll in?

4. THERE'S REALLY NOTHING ON NETFLIX I HAVEN'T SEEN- This is a real struggle. I have binged watched so many shows that I feel like once I get there and start the treadmill I'll be too perplexed with my Netflix choice. It will completely make the time there like study hall in high school, the best of intentions but completely useless. Well, other than passing notes to my friends about my ex and his ridiculous new haircut .

5. STRAIGHT UP- 100%-WHO GIVES A CRAP? This is where I have ""passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel." ELF, the Christmas movie, you know it. It's become my life motto. How did you sleep last night? "Great, I got a full 40 minutes." Oh Buddy, I can relate.

So in true MTC honest to goodness style, there you have it. I'm not proud. I wish the 30 day habit thing applied to me. I just feel like I get a hall pass I suppose. Like in high school when you & your boyfriend are "on a break" and ask your Bio teacher to go to the nurse because it's "that time of the month". I promise Monday I will be there bright and early. Netflix series selected & not wearing my PJs.

Be kind & love others,

Christine xoxo