Why I Love Amazon Fashion

Wow- did I stumble upon something fun! Something trendy. Something reasonable. There are so many amazing things to buy on Amazon. You can quite honestly find anything. It is my go-to spot for online shopping. Sometimes I check Amazon before I go to any another retailer. Most of my purchases are made in my office (my bed), and of course I am wearing my PJs with a glass of wine. And if I am being honest, I am typically watching my DVR shows at the same time. I know, very impressive how I can multitask. But the fashion, it was something I hadn't really known about. Once I started looking, game on! The prices are amazing, some items come from oversees, and I have been very happy with the quality.

Now I do admit the UPS man is probably quite tired of driving back to our home. We are a little trek from the main road. The best part is quite often our 3 dogs are waiting for the driver when he attempts to pull up the driveway. He honks and goes really slow, but I know he is terrified he'll hit one of them. He always gives them a treat, so that is probably why they watch for him. I'm a genius!

There are days that multiple boxes arrive and he stacks them neatly by our back door. I sometimes do the "wifely" thing and sneak them in. Most often, they put the item in a box much bigger than necessary. I don't know who to talk to about this but online shoppers unite!! My pile could be much smaller and less noticeable if items were more strategically packed. .#smallerandfewerboxes

So I encourage you to browse my Amazon storefront. I add items everyday. If I buy something I don't like, I won't add it. I like to try everything on before I post or do an Insta story. I want to be able to give some tips regarding the sizing. I sure hope you all find something you love! When you do, drop me a note. Here's to happy online shopping...

Be kind and love others,

Christine xoxo

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